Saflex Introduces New Solar Encapsulant


Saflex, a business unit of Solutia, says it is launching a solar encapsulant that helps increase the efficiency of the solar module while reducing material usage. The new product, called Saflex Radiant White PA27, is based on collaboration between Oerlikon Solar and Saflex.

Unlike standard encapsulants, Saflex Radiant White PA27 continues to ensure long-term durability of panels and also reflects light back through the module that is not initially absorbed by the active layers. Module manufacturers can expect panel efficiency to increase due to the higher reflectivity of white PA27 compared to that of other reflective technologies, like white paint or metallic back contacts, Saflex says.
Saflex PA27 is manufactured to an ultra-thin thickness of 0.51mm, compared to standard PVB encapsulants, which typically range from 0.76 mm to 1.14 mm in thickness.

Solutia Inc.: (314) 674-1000

SOURCE: Solutia Inc.

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