Saflex Launches Embossed Solar Encapsulant For Photovoltaic Market


Saflex, a business unit of Solutia Inc., has introduced a new encapsulant designed specifically to improve solar panel throughput and processing costs for solar module manufacturers that use the vacuum encapsulation process. The product, Saflex PG41, is a new thin-gauge encapsulant that utilizes embossing technology.

Embossing is a mechanical technology that creates micro channels on the surface of the encapsulant. These channels provide a quick and efficient manner to remove air during the vacuum encapsulation process, the company says.

Saflex PG41 is a follow-up product to the recently launched Saflex PA41 thin-gauge PVB encapsulant. Like PA41, material usage of PG41 is reduced by 33% by thinning the encapsulant from 1.14 mm to 0.76 mm, Saflex adds.

Saflex: (314) 674-1000

SOURCE: Saflex

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