Saft Introduces VHT Ni-MH Battery Modules For Off-Grid PV


Saft, a Paris-based designer and manufacturer of high-tech industrial batteries, now offers a range of nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery modules specifically designed to meet the needs of off-grid photovoltaic and wind energy systems.

Stand-alone renewable energy sources are increasingly popular in numerous applications, but renewable energy storage in highly distributed, often remote locations in uncontrolled environments is characterized by a high number of shallow cycles, with erratic charge current and time, often under extremes of temperature, Saft explains. Today's lead-acid storage batteries do not cope well in these conditions, leading to high maintenance and replacement costs.

Despite its higher initial cost, the Ni-MH chemistry of the Smart VHT Module range has been shown to reduce total cost of ownership by 45% or more when operating over a 15- year period in such applications. The battery features a longer life, better failure resistance and wider temperature tolerance than lead-acid technology, according to the company.

Smart VHT modules are available in 12 V, 24 V and 36 V versions in 10Ah capacity increments (up to 80Ah). These modules can also be housed in a ruggedized aluminum casing.

Saft: 33 149931714


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