Saft Supplies Li-ion Battery Technology To ABB


Saft, a designer and manufacturer of industrial batteries, says its lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology will provide the energy storage for ABB's new SVC Light concept. According to Saft, the SVC Light concept will be a key element in the creation of a smart grid essential to manage significantly increased levels of renewable generation.

The SVC Light with Energy Storage adds a new dimension to ABB's technology by combining energy storage capability with the SVC Light technology. This approach will alleviate many of the concerns related to the addition of solar energy and wind power generation to existing grids by helping to level out intermittent production and support demand response, Saft says.

ABB is targeting the SVC Light with Energy Storage concept at industrial-, distribution- and transmission-level energy storage applications. The technology is suitable for installations that require the continuous voltage control and frequency regulation essential for grid stability, combined with short-term power support to cover load or supply variations.

The SVC Light with Energy Storage will store power from renewable energy sources and surplus power from the grid in its Saft Li-ion battery system. At times when the level of renewable power available falls, such as when photovoltaic panels are obscured by clouds, or whenever a peak in power consumption occurs, the system will inject the power required to provide controlled ramping and to maintain a stable grid.

Currently, rated power and capacity are typically in the range of 20 MW for minutes to tens of minutes. However, up to 50 MW for 60 minutes and beyond is possible, Saft adds.

Saft: (410) 771-3200


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