Saint-Gobain Solar Introduces SolarBond Membrane


Saint-Gobain Solar has launched two versions of SolarBond Membrane: SolarBond Membrane Standard and SolarBond Membrane Premier. According to the company, both products are designed to ensure the protection of PV modules and lamination equipment in extreme temperatures and under challenging manufacturing environments.

During the PV module lamination process, module makers seal all components with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive film to ensure that module layers remain secure. High heat levels are needed to melt the EVA (typically 145-155 degrees C). These temperatures call for a flexible, durable membrane for use in the vacuum laminator to provide compression on the module in repeated cycles, Saint-Gobain Solar says.

SolarBond Membranes were developed specifically for the PV vacuum lamination process and are constructed from silicone. This silicone enables the membrane to retain its inherent flexibility and tear-resistance through multiple lamination cycles, resulting in increased service life and lower costs, according to the company.

The Premier version incorporates unique additives in its formulation to resist the EVA outgassing and can last for up to 6,000 cycles, depending on EVA type, laminator model and process parameters. The standard version provides an economic solution and is ideal for smaller module manufacturing plants.

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