Salka Corp. To Fund Renewable Energy Projects


Salka Corp., a San Diego-based investment group, has formed to acquire, develop and construct solar and wind projects in North America. Salka will be led by Jiddu Tapia, former chief development officer for North American wind development at Gamesa Technology Corp.

Salka says it is focusing on renewable energy projects in the U.S. first. To provide funding for projects, Salka has formed a strategic partnership with New York-based Wofi Capital LLC, an investment group.

‘I'm very excited to partner with investors who recognize that the best days of this industry are yet to come,’ says Salka CEO Tapia. ‘Evolution in solar, but especially wind technology – where wind energy pricing is now competitive with natural gas electric generation energy pricing in many parts of the United States, combined with favorable market and financing conditions – have created substantial opportunities for experienced development teams to assemble renewable energy portfolios that represent a well-balanced investment in the North American energy sector.’

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