Samsung Completes 3 MW Solar PV Plant In South Korea


Samsung C&T Corp. recently dedicated its 3 MW Sol-Luce Jindo solar photovoltaic power plant in Jindo County, South Jeolla Province in South Korea. S-Energy Co. Ltd. designed and built the system utilizing their solar modules and the SunSeeker Single-Axis Tracker System by Thompson Technology Industries (TTI).

The SunSeeker System allows for greater energy production over traditional fixed-tilt mounting systems, TTI says. The single-axis tracking technology follows the path of the sun daily, resulting in a 10% to 20% production gain over fixed-tilt systems and up to 25% over flat-mounted systems.

Construction of the project was completed in two phases, and the entire 3 MW system took less than three months to build. The system comprises 17,136 S-Energy 175-MQ modules spanning 86,000 square meters, using only 12 drive motors to actuate the sections of the SunSeeker tracker.


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