San Diego Schools Installing Solar At 20 Sites


The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and AMSOLAR Corp., headquartered in San Diego, have begun construction on a series of solar installations that are expected to cover 20 sites. A total of 23,000 solar modules will be placed on more than 80 rooftops and at six solar carport installations.

‘The structure of this partnership ensures that the district has access to long-term energy stability with no taxpayer investment required, while at the same time bringing clean, renewable solar power for 20 of our campuses,’ says Bill Kowba, superintendent of the SDUSD.

Electricity generated will be sold under a power purchase agreement. The solar energy systems will produce solar power equivalent to 64% of the energy consumption at these 20 sites and generate 11% of the SDUSD's total district-wide energy needs, according to AMSOLAR.

This project supplements the SDUSD's existing 4.17 MW of solar power situated in 28 sites, bringing the SDUSD's total solar capacity to 9.17 MW on 48 sites.

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