San Jose Inaugurates 1.24 MW Solar Development


City of San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and DRI Energy have activated a 1.24 MW solar deployment at the Central Service Yard, located at 1661 Senter Rd. in San Jose, Calif.

Comprising more than 5,300 photovoltaic solar panels, the project was deployed on the rooftops and new parking canopies at the city's Central Service Yard. It is expected to generate more than 1.8 million kWh of electricity in its first year of operation. The city says it will use all of the energy produced to offset demand for this facility from the grid.

The solar power systems were financed and deployed with no up-front costs to the city, which will purchase the power produced from each system at long-term predictable rates for 20 years. DRI Energy was responsible for the design and construction of the solar systems.

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