San Rafael Airport Completes 972 kW Solar Project


Muir Beach, Calif.-based Synapse Electric has installed a 972 kW photovoltaic project at San Rafael Airport in San Rafael, Calif.

Members of Marin Clean Energy (MCE), a community-based nonprofit, will purchase 100% of the power generated from the project, which features more than 4,600 panels on 48 hangar rooftops. The power will be distributed through Pacific Gas & Electric's existing power lines.

MCE is the first and, to date, only operating Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program in California, according to Synapse Electric. CCA programs are designed to accelerate the creation of local renewable energy projects with standard offer contract feed-in tariffs.

REP Energy designed the installation, and the REC Group manufactured 85% of the modules. Power-One supplied all of the inverters. SnapNrack, a manufacturer of solar panel racking systems, provided the racking equipment for the project.

SnapNrack says it overcame limited roof space, sub-optimal roof orientation and varied building design to provide a customized system. The racking spans the entire roof of each building, providing a single plane and angle.

This evenly dispersed the load of the modules and complied with the building design load requirement, the company explains. The SnapNrack engineering team worked closely with Russell Pacific, the contracted supplier for materials, and the solar installation contractors to design the system.

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