Santerno Introduces Photovoltaic Power Plant Controller


Italy-based Santerno, a company specializing in alternative energy electronics and industrial automation, has unveiled its Santerno PV Power Plant Controller (PPC).

According to the company, the Santerno PPC is a utility-scale solar power system controller that consolidates management of photovoltaic power plants, providing a single point of integrated control and monitoring. The Santerno PPC provides a single access point for plant supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control systems, including all PV inverters, the data logger and auxiliary services, the company adds.

Santerno says its PPC also provides a single, self-tuned, modified proportional internal controller that operates at the plant level to make sure all inverters match power grid code requirements. The power parameters, Santerno reports, are set in advance using plant and electrical characteristic data for the point of interconnection, so it automatically matches international grid code requirements.

The Santerno PPC can be configured for most grid operator protocols and is compliant with European and worldwide standards, the company notes.

‘As an engineering-oriented company, we are always working to develop new technology that solves our customers' needs and delivers the highest return on investment. By developing our own power plant controller, we are able to consolidate management of Santerno solar inverters with other plant monitoring and SCADA systems into a single interface,’ says Franco Valentini, marketing director of Santerno. ‘When you add in support from our online Web-management portal, you have a complete controller solution, including remote monitoring.’

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