Sanyo Electric Achieves Highest Solar Cell Efficiency Rate To Date

Tokyo-headquartered Sanyo Electric Co. has broken its own worldwide record for the highest energy conversion efficiency in practical-size, crystalline silicon-type solar cells by achieving a 22% efficiency rate. The highest efficiency rate was previously 21.8%.

To achieve this new efficiency rate, the company developed two special technologies – one for cleaning the crystalline silicon surface and the other for protecting the surface from damage, Sanyo says. The result was an increase in the open circuit voltage from 0.718 V to 0.722 V. In addition, the size and shape of the texture and the short circuit current were improved, Sanyo explains.

For now, Sanyo will continue to advance its efforts into applying this research-level achievement into mass production and promote further research into energy efficiency, as well as costs and materials, the company adds.


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