SANYO, InSpec Installing PV At Oregon Sustainability Center


SANYO North America Corp. and InSpec Group plan to install a 679 kW solar system for the Oregon Sustainability Center in Portland, Ore. The project also includes a 30 kWh large-scale lithium-ion battery storage system, which will be connected in line with the rooftop PV system to supply DC electricity for applications such as LED lighting.

InSpec will manage the design and installation of the solar power and smart energy components for the building, which is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2013. The installation will employ SANYO solar modules and batteries.

The announcement marks the first time that SANYO's large-scale lithium-ion battery storage system will be installed in a new commercial building in combination with the SANYO solar panels in the U.S., the company notes. The project use SANYO's HIT Double solar panels, using wafers manufactured from SANYO's Salem plant – SANYO Solar of Oregon LLC.

The Oregon Sustainability Center aims to have 100% of the energy used by the facility produced by renewable energy sources.

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