SANYO Introduces HIT Power Solar Panels


SANYO Energy USA Corp. has introduced its HIT Power series of solar panels featuring SANYO's proprietary HIT technology. These hybrid solar panels offer new technological improvements, such as higher conversion efficiency, less vulnerability to high temperatures and enhanced construction.

HIT Power solar panels – available now in North America from SANYO's authorized representatives, SunWize, Conergy and Focused Energy – are based on cells composed of single crystalline silicon wafers surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. The unique structure minimizes defects within the p/n junction of the cell, producing highly efficient cells capable of achieving up to 22.3% light-conversion efficiency, the company says.

‘With the new HIT Power series, we will be able to provide more solar power generation per square foot and flexibility in varying environments, including areas with high monthly average temperatures,’ says Yoshinori Kaido, vice president of the solar division of SANYO Energy USA Corp.

‘With a more robust design and other improvements, such as adaptations to allow easier and cleaner installation, the new series will benefit any involved in the installation,’ he adds.

All HIT Power solar panels come with a 100% power guarantee at the time of purchase. The series' limited warranty has also been increased from two years to five years.

SunWize: (800) 817-6527


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