SANYO Plans Entry Into European PV Market


SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. plans to begin full-scale development and expansion of its solar and energy solutions business in the European market this year.

SANYO says it is aiming to achieve a business scale of 800 million euros in its solar and energy solutions business in Europe by March 2016, providing photovoltaic modules, lithium-ion battery systems, energy management systems that include controllers, as well as a comprehensive maintenance service.

Starting this fiscal year, the company will develop its energy solutions business in Europe by offering its Smart Energy System, which combines SANYO technologies for energy generation (photovoltaic systems), energy storage (rechargeable batteries) and energy efficiency (such as for commercial equipment).

The system will optimally control clean energy generated by photovoltaic modules and stored into rechargeable batteries to supply equipment such as air conditioning and lighting with the energy, the company explains. It can be installed in small-, medium- and large-scale applications.

SOURCE: Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

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