Satcon Introduces EDGE Adaptive Control Architecture For PV Inverters


Satcon Technology Corp. has launched EDGE Adaptive Control Architecture (ACA) – a new technology now available for Satcon inverters.

According to the company, EDGE ACA enables instant voltage stabilization, frequency control and dynamic grid support, and secures the continuous operation of the PV plant in the event of dynamic ground faults, achieving the performance guidelines set forth by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW 2008 Grid Connection Standard).

‘The power control features now available in EDGE ACA allow our inverter solutions to meet the BDEW standards, the industry's most comprehensive set of requirements for grid stability and support,’ says Dr. Leo Casey, chief technology officer of Satcon.

As the intelligent control center for Satcon solutions, EDGE ACA enables improvements in total power plant reliability and yield through more powerful system monitoring, diagnostic, and remote control functionality, Satcon says. The capabilities are designed to help utilities and commercial customers prevent disruptive PV plant events from happening and enable rapid identification and resolution for issues that do occur.

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