Satcon PowerGate Plus Inverters Installed At Wine Estates


Satcon, a provider of utility-scale distributed power solutions for the renewable energy market, has delivered nearly 3 MW of renewable PV energy to Foster's Wine Estates at four winery locations, including the largest solar installation in the U.S. wine industry at Beringer Vineyards. The other sites include Asti in Sonoma County, and Etude and Stags' Leap Wineries in the Napa Valley of California.

‘Our goal of creating a better energy future requires that we assemble a team of industry innovators and experts to deliver reliable, high-quality solar power to our customers,’ says David Michalek of Stellar Energy. ‘We partnered with Satcon because we believe they offer the most proven, best-in-class inverter solutions for large-scale renewable power generation, which will allow us to produce the most efficient and reliable power for our customers.’

The combined system occupies 400,000 square feet of total rooftop structures and utilizes 11 Satcon PowerGate Plus power conditioning solutions to produce 3.8 million kWh of renewable electricity annually. Each location benefits from Satcon's next-generation maximum power-point tracking solution, Edge, which increases energy yield and ensures that the maximum throughput is delivered to optimize the system's performance, Satcon says.

SOURCE: Satcon

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