SatCon Technology Launches New Generation Of PV Inverters


SatCon Technology Corp. has launched its high-efficiency 30 kW and 50 kW PowerGate Plus photovoltaic inverters, designed for commercial and large-scale grid-connected PV power systems.

‘PowerGate Plus 30 kW and 50 kW inverters are the first of a new series of inverters that have been designed for high efficiency, improved energy harvesting and long-life,’ says Clemens van Zeyl, president of SatCon's power systems division.

‘These inverters have also been designed for ease of manufacture and maintenance, which will significantly increase our manufacturing capacity, reduce our lead times and reduce operating costs for our customers,’ he adds.
The 30kW and 50kW PowerGate Plus inverters incorporate many of the features of the original PowerGate products, plus several improvements that add further value to PV power systems, the company says. The new models were fully certified to UL1741-2005 approval at the end of January, with a California Energy Commission efficiency rating of 95% and 95.5%, respectively.


PowerGate Plus inverters also utilize a proprietary enclosure constructed from long-life G90 galvanized steel, the latest advanced digital signal processing control, an advanced human machine interface, and other features.

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