SB Machine Tools Distributing Micro-tec’s Systems In U.S.


SB Machine Tools, based in Schaumburg, Ill., has partnered with Unichem Industries, based in San Clemente, Calif., to distribute Micro-tec's solar screen printing products. Micro-tec's systems are now available in the U.S.

Screen printers from Micro-tec can produce up to 1,400 wafers per hour, with wafer breakage rates of less than 0.2%, according to SB Machine Tools. Fast and secure wafer conveyance is achieved through Micro-tec's quick two-wafer transport system using pick and place and a carousel print table. Nylon resin materials are utilized for wafer contacting parts to ensure safe conveyance.

Micro-tec's products include the MPV500 to accommodate R&D and small production applications, the MPV1400 (which accepts wafer sizes of 125mm x 125mm/156mm x 156mm) for full production applications and machines for hot melt applications.

SOURCE: SB Machine Tools

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