S&C Electric Installs First Solar Energy Storage System


S&C Electric Co. has deployed a 750 kW PureWave Storage Management System (SMS) with PNM Resources. The system, installed in Albuquerque, N.M., is the U.S.' first solar storage facility that is fully integrated into a utility's power grid, according to S&C Electric.

The PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project can produce 500 kW of power and uses batteries to create firm and dispatchable energy derived from a renewable energy source, the company explains.

The PureWave SMS provides two storage functions. It smoothes the output from solar panels, mitigating potential variations brought on by resource intermittency, to ensure continued grid reliability and stability. The system also allows stored solar energy to be dispatched at times of peak demand, eliminating the need to use carbon-emitting generation for this purpose.

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