S&C Putting 2.5 MW Solar PV Plant on the Fast Track


S&C Electric Co. has been awarded a $7.9 million contract by Green States Energy to provide procurement and construction services for a 2.5 MW solar photovoltaic farm near Roswell, N.M.

To qualify for the local utility's renewable energy incentive program, the project needs to be energized by July 11 – a ‘significant hurdle for making the project a success,’ S&C says. The company has assembled a team that can engineer, procure and construct the solar farm in this time frame.

Portland, Tenn.-based Shoals Technologies Group will supply racking and DC balance-of-system components, which includes pre-fabricated wire harnesses and combiner boxes. S&C itself developed a solution that divides the system into 100-kW sections tied to the owner's meters, allowing Green States Energy to better utilize the strong solar potential around Roswell and participate in the local utility's solar incentive program.

Engineering and construction work is already underway and will be completed by July.

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