Scanifly Releases Integrated Solar Design Software Platform


Scanifly has integrated its software platform with varied remote data sources as part of its new preliminary design solution, Scanifly Prelim.

The software offers contractors a remote design solution that includes the features of Scanifly3D while also offering internal proposal and financing tools, as well as consolidation design solutions. Scanifly also says it added Nearmap data coverage, satellite imagery and the United States Geological Survey’s publicly available LiDAR data. 

“The addition of Nearmap, satellite imagery providers, and LiDAR data positions Scanifly to be a comprehensive platform for many stages of a residential and commercial solar project’s life,” says Scanifly CEO Jason Steinberg. 

“All of Scanifly’s customer-facing people previously worked for solar contractors or construction companies, including as solar surveyors, designers, and installers. We are eager to support our fellow solar professionals and build technology that improves the quality of workmanship, safety, and speed for contractors of all sizes.”

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