Scapa Offering Acrylic Foam Tapes For Solar Module Assembly

Scapa North America is offering a line of high-performance acrylic foam tapes used to assemble solar panels and photovoltaic modules. The products provide permanent, reliable bonds to glass, foil, metal, composite and plastic substrates and help protect the solar panel assembly from corrosion, vibration and other stresses.

Formulated to withstand UV, weather and temperature variations, Scapa acrylic foam tapes provide long-term holding power and maintain adhesion even at sub-zero temperatures, the company says. The products are flexible, compressible and conformable for easy application to intricate contours.Â

Also, invisible within the assembly, Scapa's tapes reduce the number of mechanical fasteners and welds required, which creates a more aesthetically pleasing and lighter glass solar panel.

Scapa: (800) 653-5316



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