Schletter Launches PVSpin Cleaning System


Schletter has introduced the new PVSpin, which the company says was developed as a means to effectively clean module surface areas for improved power production. Previously released by Schletter GmbH, Schletter Inc.'s parent company, the product is now being released by Schletter Inc. in a U.S.-specific version.

Unlike conventional methods of cleaning photovoltaic modules, which use brushes and rods, the PVSpin System uses water pressure to rotate two large circular cleaning heads while spraying the modules with a clean, steady flow of water. The operator guides the device up and down the panel surface area.

‘Photovoltaic modules drop in efficiency as soil builds up on the module surface,’ says Martin Hausner, president of Schletter. ‘This is especially the case in dry, sunny locations where many systems are located. The PVSpin is a direct answer to this issue and will result in greater energy payoffs for owners of solar systems.’

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