Schletter Named Distributor of Helios 3D


Schletter, a provider of solar racking systems, has been selected by ST…HR+SAUER as the exclusive North and South American distributor of Helios 3D, a proprietary solar PV system planning and design software package.

Ideal for planning large utility-scale, ground-mounted and roof-mounted PV systems, Helios 3D uses a CAD-based program that incorporates Google Earth, U.S. Geological Survey data, and AutoCAD files with points and contours to provide accurate terrain analysis, Schletter says. Design tools include rack placement, shadow object placement and row numbering.

"This is a versatile software package what will allow solar PV developers to drastically reduce the amount of time spent in the planning stages of solar systems," says Andrea Barnes, Helios 3D technical sales representative for Schletter." With Helios 3D, designers can include databases for racking, modules, and even bill of materials detailing. This is an exciting project sure to give businesses a competitive edge in the solar market."

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