Schneider Electric Introduces GT30 Inverter


Schneider Electric's renewable energies business has unveiled the Schneider Electric Xantrex GT30 grid-tie solar inverter, a three-phase power inverter that delivers 120/208 Vac out of the box and can be used as a building block for larger systems.

The GT30, which weighs 165 lbs., is a 30 kW high-performance inverter that makes utility-interactive installations easier and more cost-effective, the company says. The unit features a transformerless design, easy installation and an ultra-lightweight package. It is housed in a corrosion-resistant, outdoor-rated cabinet.

The inverter comes with AC and DC switchgear to reduce installation expense and can easily be paralleled for larger PV power plants, Schneider Electric adds.

Schneider Electric: 33 0141297000

SOURCE: Schneider Electric

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