Schneider Electric Launches New Solar Charge Controller


Schneider Electric Solar, a multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, has launched the MPPT 100 600 Solar Charge Controller.

The MPPT 100, combined with Schneider Electric’s storage inverters, creates a solar+storage solution that contributes to the world’s transition to a carbon-neutral energy landscape. The Conext MPPT 100 expands Schneider Electric’s solar charge controller product line with a greater range of power ratings for solar and storage systems. Compared to MPPT 80 600 charge controller, the MPPT 100 600 provides 25% more charging power.

The MPPT 100 allows homeowners to optimize battery charging from solar and maximize energy resiliency with the easy, flexible installation of large photovoltaic (PV) arrays for whole-home backup. It is also more suitable for prolonged blackouts. Even if the battery inverter shuts down due to a fully discharged battery during night, the MPPT charge controller allows the system to recover when PV returns.

With the allowance for over-sized arrays, the MPPT 100 allows for 7 kW solar power arrays. It is ideal for residential grid-tied self-supply and off-grid systems and is scalable for larger installations. For installers, the 600 V MPPT 100 offers faster installations and a lower balance of system costs. With 2 PV string per charge controller, the MPPT 100 600 offers 50% less wiring than low voltage charge controllers.

Along with Schneider Electric’s MPPT 60 and MPPT 80, the MPPT 100 is also compatible with the MPPT Disconnect RS accessory for rapid shutdown compliance, fire safety and arc fault detection. Schneider Electric’s MPPT solar charge controllers are a part of its ecosystem of solutions for solar+storage integration, such as XW and SW storage inverters, power distribution and energy management.

Photo: Schneider Electric Solar’s MPPT 100 600 Solar Charge Controller

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