Schneider Electric Launches Ontario-Compliant Solar Inverters


Schneider Electric's Renewable Energies Business plans to introduce the Xantrex GT100 600, GT250 600, and GT500 600 grid-tie solar inverters during the first quarter of 2011, adding to the range of currently available products that meet the guidelines of Ontario's feed-in tariff (FIT) program. These new inverters, for the commercial building market, include internal transformers allowing grid connections to 600 VAC.

The Xantrex GT500 600 is a grid-tie solar inverter with an efficient design, a redesigned enclosure for more reliability, and a two-section design with inverter and DC section in one cabinet and transformer and AC section in another, the company says. The Xantrex GT100 and GT250 have ultra-efficient design and a single-cabinet design with the isolation transformer integrated in the enclosure, Schneider Electric adds.

The inverters include AC and DC disconnects, a night-time disconnect design to help prevent transformer magnetizing current losses and soft-start circuit to help reduce transformer inrush. The GT100 600 and GT250 600 can be installed indoors or outdoors and include space heaters for low-temperature applications. The GT100 600 and GT250 600 are available with optional DC combiner boxes with numerous fuse and breaker options and string monitoring options.

SOURCE: Schneider Electric

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