Schneider Electric Supplying PV Boxes For Calif. Solar Plant


Schneider Electric says it has been selected by SunPeak Solar LLC, a privately owned solar energy project developer, to supply 25 of its solar power conversion substations (known as a PV Box) for the 23 MW IVSC-1 solar power plant in Niland, Calif.

The Schneider Electric PV Box is a pre-wired equipment package specifically designed to meet the demands of large-scale, grid-tied solar farms and large commercial installations in any region of the world, according to the company.

Schneider Electric will supply 25 PV Boxes with transformers, inverters and combiner boxes in concrete enclosures: 21 of a 1 MW PV Box and 4 of a 0.5 MW PV Box. Each PV Box will contain Schneider Electric's GT500-MVX inverters, a Modbus communication option using fiber-optic connection, DC re-combiner boxes with current monitoring and Square D liquid-filled pad mount transformers to step up to medium voltage.

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