SCHOTT Solar Develops ISO Texture To Boost Efficiency


SCHOTT Solar has developed a new surface structure – ISO Texture – that the company says enables photovoltaic cells to convert more sunlight into energy, achieving greater power density and providing a new class of performance. This new technology, developed by SCHOTT Solar in its own research centers with the aid of research institutes and German industry, has been integrated by SCHOTT Solar into its existing manufacturing process.

An additional benefit of the new technology is that it allows SCHOTT Solar to manufacture solar cells using fewer resources. Because of the improved surface, the amount of silicon needed per watt of energy produced in the module has been reduced. The new process makes the entire production operation more efficient, the company says.

"Introduction of the ISO Texture has meant that we have yet again been able to reliably increase the efficiency of the SCHOTT Solar module," says explains Michael Harre, the management committee member at SCHOTT Solar responsible for marketing and sales." For our customers, that means high quality and even more power at an attractive price."

"The challenge was particularly how to integrate the results from our research laboratory into the existing production lines," adds Wilfried Schmidt, research and development manager, solar cells." The close cooperation between R&D and manufacturing, a tradition at SCHOTT Solar, meant that we were able to implement this project in a very short space of time."

Initially, the ASE-165 GTFT/MCI series of modules will be delivered with the new texture – the"I," in the product designation standing for"ISO Texture." The technology will then be successively extended to all product ranges and production facilities.

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