SCHOTT Solar Now Offering Project Design Services


SCHOTT Solar PV Inc. has launched a new program called SCHOTT Solar PRO Design Services. The new offering is designed to help installers to reduce costs and time for developing plans, streamline the permitting process, and solve complex design and engineering challenges.

The SCHOTT Solar PRO Design Services team of engineers generates PV system designs with optimal array location, orientation, equipment selection and layout to maximize the power output within the site and project specifications. Final design documents are permit-ready to National Electric Code standards.

‘System developers and integrators tell me that managing the complexities of solar energy system design, engineering and permitting can detract from their core business of developing projects and installing systems,’ notes Tom Hecht, president of SCHOTT Solar PV. ‘SCHOTT Solar can fill that gap for developers and installers who don't have an in-house design team or have overflow work that must be managed against tight budgets and deadlines.’

The specific services include feasibility and preliminary design work (for projects larger than 500 kW), performance modeling, system design and layout, electrical line drawing, design review, and component and balance-of-system product selection.

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