Schreiner Offers Specialized Labels For Solar Industry


Schreiner ProTech is now marketing an array of specialized labels and identification-preparation equipment for solar panels and components. Drawing on its solar product experience in Europe, Schreiner says it is now aggressively seeking new customers in North America for its UL/CSA-approved solar labeling solutions.

The manufacturing of photovoltaic solar modules makes exacting demands of marking technology materials and systems. Labels used for production control, track-and-trace, branding and as power-rating and nameplates, must be able to permanently withstand extreme UV rays and weather conditions – many for the life of the PV module. In addition, they must meet a number of legal requirements, such as UL and CSA standards.

Manufacturers seeking reliable protection from product pirates require tamper-and counterfeit-proof marking solutions, such as module-branding labels by Schreiner ProTech, the company notes. These labels use Color-Laser-Film (CLF), which is laminated into the module. At the end of the process, the CLF label receives a laser inscription.

Schreiner ProTech: (248) 355-3006

SOURCE: Schreiner ProTech

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