Schuco Introduces S SPU-4 Series Of Polycrystalline Solar PV Modules


Schuco has introduced its new S SPU-4 series of high-performance polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, featuring cell efficiencies of up to 15%.

The S SPU-4 modules come with a five-year extended parts and function warranty, and their performance values are guaranteed to last much longer. After 12 years in service, Schuco modules produce at least 90% of their nominal output; after 25 years, their guaranteed output still amounts to at least 80%, the company says.

Individual modules can be quickly and safely connected to the desired output groups. Each module undergoes strictly defined optical and electric checks, and they are also flash-tested. The flash results and output data for each module are stated on the module and the outside of the packaging for more effective string sizing.

The frames of the S SPU-4 modules are made of anodized black aluminum, making them extremely resistant to warping and corrosion according to Schuco. Moreover, they can be safely and easily installed with components from the company's Solar EZ installation system.

Schuco: (860) 666-0505

SOURCE: Schuco

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