Scientist Sees Potential For The ‘Perfect’ PV Solar Cell


According to an announcement from the University of Copenhagen, researcher Dr. Martin Aagesen has developed a new material, nano flakes, that has the potential to convert up to 30% of solar energy into electricity.

During his Ph.D. research at the Nano-Science Center and Niels Bohr Institute at the university, Aagesen discovered ‘a perfect crystalline structure,’ he says.

‘While being a perfect crystalline structure, we could see that it also absorbed all light,’ Aagesen comments. ‘It could become the perfect solar cell. We can reduce the solar cell production costs because we use less of the expensive semiconducting silicium in the process.’

According to Aagesen, the flakes also have the potential to better exploit solar energy, as the distance of energy transportation in the solar cell will be shorter, lessening the loss of energy.

‘There are great perspectives in the flakes,’ adds Aagesen, who is also director of startup solar firm SunFlake A/S. ‘During the coming months, I will work determinedly at cultivating them.’

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