SCPPA Approves PPA For Solar Tower Power Station


The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) has approved a power purchase agreement (PPA) with EnviroMission Ltd. to purchase power from EnviroMission's Solar Tower power station development planned for Arizona.

EnviroMission's 200 MW Solar Tower power station will use solar radiation to heat air to drive turbines to generate electricity. The SCPPA's approval of this PPA follows rigorous review undertaken by the SCPPA as a result of its pursuit of viable renewable energy supplies for its constituents.

‘Finalization of this PPA with SCPPA is an important milestone that will allow project finance to be secured for the Solar Tower power station development and the Front End Engineering and Design necessary to break ground at the earmarked Arizona site to commence,’ says Roger Davey, CEO of EnviroMission.

SOURCE: EnviroMission

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