Seaboard Solar Opens New Headquarters In Connecticut


Seaboard Solar LLC (formerly Solaire Development) has completed a re-opening of its headquarters at 51 Sugar Hollow Rd. in Danbury, Conn. The company will focus on commercial and industrial PV projects up to 1 MW.

The new corporate name reflects an overall re-envisioning of the company, says partner Joseph Rio. ‘We started this business in 2010, and the vast majority of our work has been in New Jersey,’ Rio explains. ‘Today, with the Connecticut alternative energy initiative ready to place the state in the national solar spotlight, this is the perfect time to position our company as an industry leader here at home.’

The company's CEO, Stuart Longman, was the first person in Connecticut to receive a solar power grant in 2007 for his $8.5 million project in Danbury, Seaboard Solar notes. A second project a few blocks away brought Longman's total solar production up to nearly 1 MW.

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