Seaward Introduces Photovoltaic Installation Software Program


Seaward Solar has developed Seaward SolarCert Elements, a new software program for PV installation that the company says is designed to help system installers produce all electrical test documentation quickly and easily.

The program allows solar PV installers to create comprehensive folders of system information, including customized test certification and inspection reports, installation layout diagrams, photographs and any other information relevant to PV installation, such as datasheets.

The software is a manual data-entry program that improves the efficiency of solar PV testing by allowing the fast and simple recording, storing and searching of all electrical test and measurements in line with the requirements of many certification schemes and the IEC 62446 standard, according to the company.

An onboard step-by-step tutorial helps to guide users through the many features, and a checklist provides a simple reference point to ensure all required information is included in the client handover pack, Seaward Solar adds.

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