Seaward Introduces PV Electrical Test Kit


Tampa, Fla.-headquartered Seaward has introduced the Solar Installation PV100, a dedicated multi-function electrical tester for PV installations.

The new tester is capable of carrying out all electrical tests required by IEC 62446 on grid-connected PV systems and eliminates the need for multiple test instruments for PV solar panel electrical installation and connection, the company says.

The combination tester carries out the required sequence of electrical tests in a safe and controlled manner, avoiding the risk of contact with exposed live DC conductors. It is handheld and battery operated for maximum portability, Seaward adds.

The supplied MC4 and Sunclix test leads allow it to be connected to all standard PV modules and arrays to test earth continuity," insulation resistance," open circuit voltage and short circuit currents. All required measurements are performed automatically and displayed clearly with confirmation of whether the test results are acceptable.Â

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