Sechilienne-Sidec Inaugurates Largest Rooftop Solar PV Plant In France


Sechilienne-Sidec, an alternative energy producer that is 43.1% owned by Financiere Helios, says it has inaugurated the largest rooftop photovoltaic power plant in France, located in Saint Pierre, Reunion.

Situated on the roofs of the CILAM and SODICO buildings, this new photovoltaic installation, with a 2 MWc capacity, was fitted and installed by Reunion-based Societe de Conversion d'Energie, a 95% subsidiary of Sechilienne-Sidec Group.

The construction of the 14,815 square-meter solar field included 9,940 photovoltaic modules and the installation of roughly 80 km of cables, representing a total investment of 11 million euros.

SOURCE: Sechilienne-Sidec

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