Sedona Energy Labs Develops InteliTrack Tracking System


Sedona Energy Labs, based in Flagstaff, Ariz., has introduced InteliTrack, a new line of dual-axis solar tracking frames. The line includes the IT1500, which is designed for lightweight applications, and the IT2000, which is designed for commercial/industrial installations.

‘These new systems enable solar arrays to generate a 40 percent or greater increase in power produced, compared to fixed solar frames,’ says Mark Scanlon, founder and CEO. ‘This shortens project payback by about half and raises typical project return on investment from single digits to the mid-teens.’

InteliTrack's key difference from other tracking frames is its Balanced/Frame design. Conventional pole-mounted systems suspend the PV array from a single point so that it is always out of balance and pulled by gravity, requiring a massive support structure and base, the company says. The InteliFrame mounts PV panels like a gimbaled ship's compass – the panels revolve on their own axes and are always in balance no matter how they are positioned.

Tracking for the InteliTrack line is done by the Yokogawa HXS10 SolStation Solar Positioning Controller.

SOURCE: Sedona Energy Labs

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