SEIA Calls For Solar Provisions In Energy Bill


Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, has issued a statement calling on the U.S. Senate to include solar provisions with bipartisan support in the pending energy bill.

‘We applaud the Senate for bringing legislation to the floor to address the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico,’ Resch says. ‘This catastrophe has been a stark reminder that the U.S. must end its dangerous dependence on fossil fuels, and soon.’

‘While the Senate has struggled with partisan politics all year, there are several key solar provisions that enjoy bipartisan support that should be a part of the final legislation,’ he continues. ‘These include extension of the Treasury grant program, renewable energy manufacturing incentives, and reform and restoration of funding for the Department of Energy loan-guarantee program.’

‘If enacted, these policies will result in hundreds of thousands of new jobs, accelerated deployment of solar energy in all 50 states and will help the U.S. rebuild its manufacturing base and remain competitive in this rapidly growing global industry,’ Resch adds. ‘The solar energy industry urges swift passage of this energy bill – including bipartisan solar provisions – before the Senate breaks for the August recess.’

In addition, several renewable energy industry groups and other stakeholders sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calling for the inclusion of a national renewable electricity standard in the energy bill.

"Without immediate passage, hundreds of thousands of future jobs in the clean energy sector could be lost and surrendered to other countries forever,’ the coalition wrote. ‘A bipartisan bill with a national RES passed the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. An RES would provide a down payment on carbon reduction goals, save and create jobs, and keep America competitive.’

SOURCES: Solar Energy Industries Association, American Wind Energy Association

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