SEIA Forms PV Mounting System Manufacturers Committee


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has established the PV Mounting System Manufacturers Committee (MSMC).

“With solar now the fastest-growing clean energy segment in America, it’s more important than ever for the industry to speak with a unified voice,” states Rhone Resch, SEIA’s president and CEO. “This committee will provide a platform for manufacturers of PV racking and mounting systems nationwide to come together and deliver both input and clarity on the key codes, standards and regulatory policies that affect the day-to-day operations of solar energy in the U.S.”

Don Massa, product manager of Mounting Systems Inc., will chair the committee, which will represent all PV mounting and racking segments, including residential, commercial and utility-scale products.

“Now, for the first time, PV mounting system manufacturers can band together in the development of practical, cost-effective codes and standards that directly impact the PV industry, especially racking and mounting,” says Massa. “We, as manufacturers, see an opportunity in working with SEIA to provide and promulgate industry best practices, education and training.”

The committee will work closely with SEIA’s Codes & Standards Committee and will solicit input into the development of building and electrical codes and standards specific to PV racking and mounting. It also will promote clarity and cost-effective standardization and provide training and education on the best installation practices and procedures consistent with SEIA’s Solar Business Code.

Participation in the PV Mounting System Manufacturers Committee will be open only to SEIA members. Founding members of the MSMC represent some of the largest mounting and racking suppliers in the industry and include: S-5, Roof Tech, Pegasus Solar, Anchor Products, Unirac, PanelClaw, Quick Mount PV, SnapNrack and Everest.

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