SEIA Investigation Points To Strong Support For Solar Thermal


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently conducted a national poll that found that the public strongly supports solar water heating systems and the sector's potential for economic growth and job creation.

The poll, conducted by Gotham Research Group, showed that 74% of Americans agree that the solar water heating industry will produce jobs and help the U.S. economy. Positive perceptions of solar water heating systems exceeded negative perceptions by more than 10 to 1 (48% to 4%). More broadly, solar energy is considered the energy source most deserving of U.S. government support.

‘This poll confirms what we've seen around the country. The solar water heating industry is creating stable, good-paying installation and manufacturing jobs and helping to put our economy back on track,’ says SEIA's Monique Hanis.

Today, there are enough solar water heating systems installed in the U.S. to serve 1.5 million homes. In 2010, 35,464 solar water heating systems and 29,540 solar pool heating systems were installed. The solar heating and cooling sector represents 9% of the industry's overall domestic value, SEIA adds.

In other survey findings, 46% say they would either be ‘extremely likely’ (6%), ‘very likely’ (9%) or ‘somewhat likely’ (31%) to consider installing a solar water heating system in their own home. ‘The cost of purchasing the system’ (72%) and ‘the cost of maintaining the system’ (56%) are the top two concerns for residents in all regions and across key demographic/partisan groups.

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