SEIA Seeks Solar Carve-out In Energy Bill


As energy legislation circulates in the U.S. Congress, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is urging lawmakers to include a carve-out for solar energy if a national renewable portfolio standard (RPS) is approved.

The desired carve-out is said to be as high as 25%, according to the Wall Street Journal. SEIA is also reportedly asking Congress to require that 20% of required renewable energy generation be set aside for distributed generation rather than large power plants.

In addition, some larger solar firms are seeking to receive a portion of revenue generated from the purchases of greenhouse gas (GHG) allowances if legislation related to a GHG program is passed.

‘There are proposals on the table to invest revenues that might be generated from a cap-and-trade system or from an allocation system into renewable energy,’ First Solar's Dennis Fitzgibbons recently told the WSJ. ‘How that might be done is a matter of interest.’

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

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