SEIA Urges Solar Industry Action On Energy Bill


The Solar Energy Industries Association has released an alert to its members and other solar industry professionals, urging a quick, diligent response to boost congressional support for the latest revisions to critical energy legislation:

‘SEIA Members,

‘Your help is urgently needed. The Senate will vote tomorrow on a revised energy bill that includes the solar ITC provisions in the House bill. Negotiators have jettisoned the renewable electricity standard and altered some of the revenue-raising tax provisions to make it more palatable to Senate Republicans and the White House.

‘But the vote will be extremely close. The bill needs 60 votes to pass, and the opposition is burning up the phone lines, urging senators not to vote for a bill that eliminates unneeded production incentives for the oil and gas industry. Your senator needs to hear from you that the solar ITC is good for your business and for the country.’

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