Seika Machinery Introduces McDry Low-Humidity Storage For Solar Cells


Seika Machinery Inc., a provider of machinery, materials and engineering services, has released McDry Electronic Drying Storage Cases for solar cells.

These cases provide low-humidity storage without the use of nitrogen. Humidity is removed from the cabinets by use of a zeolite desiccant. The desiccant is automatically recycled by the unit and does not require replacement.

McDry units come in 1% and 3% RH models to comply with the strict standards required for proper storage of moisture-sensitive materials requiring ultra-low humidity levels. The performance of solar cells is sensitive to moisture, as water and oxygen molecules seep past the protective plastic layer over time and degrade the organic materials that form the core.

McDry cabinets will prevent moisture absorption and keep solar cells optimally dry during storage, the company says. Unlike other similar style dry boxes, McDry has a natural airflow circulation system and does not utilize a fan, which could spread contaminants throughout the cabinet.

Seika Machinery Inc.: (310) 540-7310

SOURCE: Seika Machinery Inc.

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