Sensor Electronics Debuts Toxic-Gas Detector


Minneapolis-based Sensor Electronics has developed a new gas-detection unit that combines an SEC 3000 sensor with an SEC 3100 transmitter to ‘see’ even traces of toxic gas concentrations in PV production environments.

The factory-tuned sensor works in tandem with its digital transmitter, which incorporates a plug-in memory stick. The memory stick logs a permanent record of actual gas levels, remembering times, concentrations, trouble signals, service interruptions, etc. The memory stick can be easily pulled from the transmitter to download data to a computer for retrieval and analysis, the company says.

The SEC 3100 transmitter shows actual gas levels on a digital screen. Color-coded LEDs change from green to yellow to red as gas concentrations rise and reverse colors as they drop. At a setpoint, integral relays can trigger alarms, turn on supply/exhaust fans, shut down lines or take other actions.

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