Sensor Products Unveils Pressurex Sensor Film


Sensor Products Inc. has introduced Pressurex, a surface pressure indicating film that reveals pressure magnitude and distribution between any two contacting or mating surfaces.

During the manufacturing of solar cells, surface pressure indicating film provides a low-cost solution for quality-control checks for equipment setup, calibration and re-qualification of a solar module production line, the company says. The film is of particular use during lamination, the frame press stage and the attachment of junction boxes.

Mylar-based Pressurex assures proper pressure magnitude to cause polymerization and securely bond multiple layers together during EVA and PVB lamination. At the frame press stage, Pressurex sensor film helps verify adequate frame-to-module edge sealing. The film is placed at the interface of two contacting surfaces, and when these surfaces are compressed together, they apply a force to the sensor film. The film captures this applied force permanently and irreversibly by virtue of its changing color.

Intensity of the color change is proportional to the amount of pressure applied, thus allowing for precise determination of pressure magnitude by comparing the resultant sensor film's color to a color calibration reference chart.

Sensor Products Inc.: (973) 884-1755

SOURCE: Sensor Products Inc.

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