SEPA Releases Utility Solar Tax Manual


The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has made available the Utility Solar Tax Manual, which is designed to provide timely clarity regarding solar tax credit changes for the utility and solar industries. The manual also sheds light on the implications of these changes on new business models for both industries and their customers.

The Utility Solar Tax Manual, written by a tax attorney specializing in renewable energy, provides clear and comprehensive solar tax credit interpretation on utility ownership, customer ownership, unique business structures and several other policy issues, says SEPA.

The 34-page report, geared towards utility tax experts and strategic planners, addresses complex nuances using plain language to provide guidance to those both with and without tax expertise. The manual also includes a section on the Clean Renewable Energy Bonds that are available to municipal utilities and electric cooperatives.

The full report can be downloaded free by SEPA members and purchased for $2,495 by non-members at

SOURCE: Solar Electric Power Association

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