Seraphim Investing in Vietnam to Expand Global Production Capacity


Seraphim Solar System Co. Ltd., a solar product manufacturer, says it is investing in a 750 MW module assembly factory with fully automatic production lines in Vietnam. 

Seraphim’s investment will enhance Vietnam’s enterprise resilience in the face of the pandemic by strengthening its global supply capability, using Seraphim’s 500 MW S3 series half-cell modules and 250 MW S4 series half-cell modules.

Applying the multi-busbar (MBB), half-cut, encapsulation design, the Seraphim S3 series module is equipped with 166 mm wafers delivering a maximum power output of 450 W.

With MBB, half-cell, bifacial technology and high-density encapsulation, the Seraphim S4 series module’s efficiency increased to 21.1% – with a maximum power output of 540 W.

“This factory is designed to enhance our competitiveness in the U.S. market and increase Seraphim’s global market share by expanding overseas production capacity outside of China,” says Jun Zhuge, executive vice president of Seraphim. “Building this factory will create more jobs and opportunities for the local community in Vietnam, advance the region’s technological progress and contribute to a more energy sustainable society.”

This move follows the company’s agreements to supply solar panels for two separate photovoltaic (PV) projects totaling 80 MW in Vietnam. The projects include the 30 MW BMT Solar Farm Project and the 50 MW KH Solar Farm Project.

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